The Making of Super Agents

The biggest advantage of an online business? It can accommodate thousands of visitors at any given moment.

The downside? Sales agents are limited by time, abilities and insights. They blindly select visitors who may or may not need or want assistance and this makes or breaks a potential sale. Cyborg creates a scalable online business by separating visitors with high buying intent from those with low buying intent.

Meet Cyborg

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Cyborg Profiling

Know What Makes Them Tick

Cyborg learns, analyzes and records visitor behaviors and patterns from three vital data sources to determine the most plausible course of action a visitor will take.

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Harness the power of Artificial Intelligent tools


Cyborg Prospecting

Eliminate the Gray Area

Knowledge is power. With Cyborg’s auto profiling data, sales agents know who to approach, how to approach them and even what to say to seal the deal. Every agent and visitor interaction will be fully optimized, leading to effective time management, higher customer satisfaction and increased return on investment.

Cyborg Knows Your Business Better Than You

Cyborg integrates into several systems and features on the WearNBuy platform to supercharge every step of your marketing and sales. AI identify and indicate trends, insights, patterns, similarities and differences in data and suggest solutions and predict outcomes.

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Risk Management System

Cyborg mitigates fraudulent online behavior with automated alerts to high risk orders to prevent chargebacks.

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Email Segmentation

Did you know? 70% of people prefer a personalized shopping experience. Deliver targeted messages with Cyborg’s in-depth visitor and customer insights.

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Targeted Marketing

Make every ad count with Cyborg auto-suggestions based on visitor behavior, interests and actions taken on the website.