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WearNBuy’s Live Sales Support feature is a fast and responsive way to connect with customers and close sales in real time.

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Bring home the bacon

Live Sales Support optimizes average transaction values and skyrockets profits, by providing your agents with the tools they need to turn every hit into a home run.

with live sales support, agents can:

  • view

    View items on customers in real time.

  • add

    Add items to customers’ carts or wishlist.

  • recommend

    Recommend more items for customers to try and buy.

  • advice

    Share genuine style advice when customers try items in the fitting room.

  • record

    Record conversations.

  • history

    View customers’ history, order details and previous calls on a customer dashboard.

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boost revenue

Reach out, close a sale

Did you know 83% of all online shoppers need support to make a purchase?

That’s why customers are three times more likely to make a purchase when you proactively start a chat at the right moment.

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optimize conversions

Real recommendations for real people

There’s no substitute for human intuition.

Browser data may show you what your customers are looking at, but it tells you nothing about their individual style, means and motivations. Live Sales Support lets salespeople boost conversions by starting meaningful conversations with customers when they need it most.

customers loyalty & satisfaction

Build lasting connections

Live Sales Support lets you help customers in real time, which increases customer satisfaction. And satisfied customers are loyal customers.

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