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The Virtual Fitting Room is a unique real-time solution that lets your customers try items before they buy them.

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Crush Your Offline Competition

54% of clients prefer shopping in store, because they can’t preview products online.

WearNBuy’s state-of-the-art virtual fitting room is designed to supercharge your conversion and tackle online shoppers’ concerns, by letting them preview items on their own bodies before they buy them. Even better, they can try it on anyone, in any place, at any time and on any mobile device —and that’s something no offline retailer can compete with!

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Make it unforgettable

Finding ways to make your brand stand out from the crowd can make or break your business in the competitive world of online retail.

We make shopping with you something worth coming back for by providing an unparalleled user experience that gives your brand an edge.

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Keep Your Cash

Making informed decisions about how to allocate profits, is an essential aspect of running a successful online business.

But, with 24% of customers returning items, online businesses are often forced to make decisions about how to spend their profits in the dark. The Virtual Fitting Room minimizes returns by setting realistic expectations for customers from the get-go. That way, they know what to look forward to, and you get to keep your cash.

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Positive Feedback

Say goodbye to negative reviews, when you set realistic expectations and help customers make better buying decisions.

Conversion Rates

Expect major conversion rate surges once you give customers the buying confidence they need to complete every purchase.

Retained Profits

No more returns means no more guesstimating how to spend your profits — you get to keep every penny the moment they pay.

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